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Welcome to our Q-Ftetaria!

About Us

Snuggled behind Garibaldi square, gazing at club Terminal 1, we make our home on the second floor of Angel Kunchev 1 st! Our style is wacky, and so is the kitchen. You may assume the name has much to do with the menu but you being wrong there will not be the only surprise you are faced with that night. High ceilings, a spacious environment, mild american style mixed with modern sofia city spirit, beautiful launch music, open terraces and a varied kitchen. Our menu includes different kinds of salads, meat, vegetarian meals, cheese, appetizers, tapas and other yummy goods.

Q-fteraria is not only a place for eating, but is also suitable for meeting up friends or business partners. We offer a bar supplied with tall, comfortable chairs, appropriate for those special moments of serene, exquisite pleasure when sharing good wine and cheese with good company.

Regarding our products, natural,vegetables from grandmother’s garden, dairy products from Dobrev, meat from abattoirs who’ve produced it for generations, chicken meat and eggs from free chickens.
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Phone number for reservation +359 88 42 32 167 (Available Viber)
ul. „Angel Kanchev“ 1, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
Second floor


Delicious food


Phone number for reservation +359 88 42 32 167 (Available Viber)